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GENDYS '94 Conference. 1994

Speakers and their topics.

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Gender counselling and its difficulties in cases of acute and chronic gender dysphoria.
Alice Purnell
B.Sc., R.G.N., Post Grad. Dip. Counselling/Psychology. Psychologist/Counsellor. Nurse

The etiology of transexualism.
Prof. Louis Gooren
Professor of Transexuality, Gender Identity Unit, Free University Hospital, Amsterdam. Pages 12-14

Gender confirmation surgery (male to female)
M.Royle F.R.C.S.
Consultant Surgeon, Urologist. Pages 15-16
J. J. Hage M.D., Ph.D.,
Consultant plastic surgeon, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Pages 17-19
American Law Does/Does Not Respond to the Transexual
Report of the presentation by Prof. Richard Green MD, JD.
Consultant Psychiatrist, Director of Research, GIC, Charing Cross Hospital,
Personality Dimensions of Masculinity/Femininity in Gender Dysphoria.
Report of the presentation by Dr. Melissa Hines PhD
Associate Professor, UCLA and Lecturer, Goldsmith's College, London.

The Charing Cross Gender Identity Unit.
Report of the presentation by Dr. D. Montgomery
MB, ChB, FRC Psych., FRCNZ Psych. Consultant Psychiatrist.Clinic Director, Charing Cross GIC.

"I may be a transsexual but at least I'm not gay." - Considerations on solidarity or the lack of it.
Drs. Tony Zandvliet
Psychotherapist/counsellor, Gender Therapist, Amsterdam.  Pages 33-35

Seminar: Born that way - or not?
Jed Bland
Seminar: Situation Vacant - Counselling.
Elizabeth Kolkin
Health Care Worker Pages 43-44

Seminar: Telephone helplines, Knowledge of the working principles.
David Elvy
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Do we care?
Angela Price
Health Care Worker, Trainee Counsellor,  Pages 48-50

Serum markers of bone metabolism in a group of transsexual patients receiving estrogen therapy.
Michael Thomas F.R.C.Path Department of Chemical Pathology
James S Barrett M.B., B.S.,Gender Identity Clinic, Department of Psychiatry,
Donald H Montgomery F.R.A.N.Z.C.Psych Gender Identity Clinic, Department of Psychiatry, Charing Cross Hospital, Fulham Palace Road, London W6 8RF

Voice - It's not all about pitch. The users' guide to Speech and Language Therapy.
Frances M. Ascott
Specialist Speech and Language Therapist, Manchester Royal Infirmary. Pages 57-59
What do transsexuals have for breakfast?
Christine Burns
M.Sc., Researcher,
Orchidectomy as a preliminary procedure prior to gender reassignment surgery.
Dr. Russell W. Reid M.B., ChB, M.R.C.Psych.,
Consultant Psychiatrist. Hillingdon Hospital, The London Institute
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The law as it applies to us.
Phyllis Randolph Frye
Trial Attorney, USA Rights Worker.
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Cross-dressing, sex-changing and film: Fragments from an analysis of screening male femaling.
Dr. Richard Ekins
Trans-Gender Archive, University of Ulster,
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Do transsexuals eat women ?????
Stephen Whittle
BA(Hons), LLB(Hons), MA. Lecturer in Law at Manchester Metropolitan University.
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Provision of care for minority groups: The importance of home-based support networks within the establishment.
Barbara Ross
CQSW, Social Worker, Oasis Group Director
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Ageing and transsexuals: A View From Social Gerontology
Dorothy Jerrome Ph.D.
University of Sussex Pages 101-110

Seminar: Why can't a man be more like a woman? Knowing more about body language.
Janett Scott
President of the Beaumont Society.
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Seminar: Gender identity and life's pilgrimage.
Revd. David Horton
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Seminar: Towards a social explanation of gender dysphoria.
Caroline Lewis
MA, University of Wales, Bangor Pages 115-116

Isolation or integration: The importance of a social network preceding and following real life test.
Mrs. Germaine Nijsten
Humanistic spiritual counsellor, Humanitas Project Transsexualism, Amsterdam,T he Netherlands. (Presented to the Second ENPT Conference, 1994) Pages 122-125
Abstract: Issues facing transsexual parents and children
Dr G. Afzal
Locum Consultant Psychiatrist, Gender Identity Clinic, Charing Cross Hospital. (Presented at the Conference of the European Network of Professionals on Transsexualism, 1994) Pages 126-127

Unframing Eve: Medico-legal definitions of women and their social consequences.
Zoe-Jane Playdon
University of London.(Written for the MA in Women's Studies, University of Warwick.)
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Health Provision for Transexuals: A Care Programme Approach.
Jed Bland
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God is dead, Marx is dead, Freud is dead - And I'm not feeling too well, myself.
Dr Ronald St. Blaize-Molony
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