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GENDYS '98 Conference. 1998

Speakers and their topics.

We regret this report is now out of print.
Copies should be available from British Library Articles Direct
The details they have on file are as follows: Shelfmark: YC.2003.b.2570
Derby : GENDYS Conferences (c1998): International Gender Dysphoria Conference, GENDYS '98

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Psychological Effects on Partners of TS's
Diana Aitchison
Wobs Helpliner. 
Full Text

Jed Bland
Author/Researcher,Trustee of the Beaumont Trust
Full Text

To Sound Like a Woman.
Susan Clark
M.Phil., Speech & Language Therapist, Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle
Full Text

Narratives of Body Transgendering.
Dr. Richard Ekins
University of Ulster
Dr. Dave King
University of Liverpool.
Full Text

Invisible Women.(workshop)
Jane Flint (Pages 32-33)

Letters on Cross Dressing.
Peter Farrer
Writer. Karn Publications
Full Text

The State of Europe.
Frank Hannah
Press for Change/FTM Network
Full Text

Laser Treatment in Removal of Facial Hair.
Chris Hart, Rob Trow
Cristianos Laser Clinic, Altrincham,
Full Text

Gender - What use is Psychiatry?
Dr. Michael Haslam
Psychiatrist/Medical Director
Full Text

Healing the Leper.
Rev. David Horton
Chaplain to GENDYS Network
Full Text

Psychological Development Beyond Sex & Gender Realignment.
Dr. Tracie O'Keefe Counsellor/Psychologist/Writer
Full Text
And Workshop: Healing a Misaligned Past.

Human Rights.
Theresa Mills and Cherry Bennett (Pages 48-49)
Amnesty International,

Gender Dysphoria in Younger Children
Rebecca White
Full Text

Transvestism, A Positive Aspect.
Jean Pepper
Beaumont Society Helpliner
Full Text

Standard Care?
Alice Purnell
Full Text

Comparing NHS and Private Treament of People with Gender Dysphoria.
Dr. Russell Reid
Psychiatrist, London Institute.

Full Text

Nature vs Nurture, Questioning Determinism.
Sophia Siedlberg, 
Full Text

Growing Real: The Challenge of the Midway Period
Nina Smith (Pages 80-84)

Spiritual/Pastoral Care.
Rev Warwick Whelan
Full Text

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