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GENDYS 2K Conference. 2000

Speakers and their topics

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Voice Therapy for Male to Female Transsexuals
Susan Clark (Mrs.)
MRCSLT, M.Phil., Head Speech and Language Therapist, Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle Upon Tyne.
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Gender Reassignment and its implications for future sexual orientation
Revd. Warwick Whelan
Vicar, Counsellor Pages 9-11

Although there is an ever-increasing flow of information about Gender Dysphoria, it is unclear what happens in the sexual relationships of post operative subjects. I am concerned to develop a deeper understanding of the sexual issues which face those who make the change.

I can accept my child is a TS, but if I see him in a skirt, I'll hit him: Dilemmas In Parenting a Transgendered Adolescent.
Bernadette Wren
MA, MSc, C.Psychol, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, GIDU Portman Clinic, London Pages 13-23

Our conventional discourses and practices of sex and gender do not allow for the possibility of transgenderism as a legitimate and valued experience of the self. Families with a transgendered child may feel they are managing an experience that can barely be spoken about. In this paper I describe the personal accounts of a group of parents with transgendered adolescents, and how they try to build an intelligible story about the young person's gender identity and how this story shapes their coping strategies.

The Children of a Transgendered Parent:
"Why didn't they ask me?

Diana Aitchison
BSc Psychology and Sociology, Co-ordinator, Women of the Beaumont Society (Partners' Helpline)
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How Do Transsexuals Cope With Their Wish for a Child
Dr. Paul De Sutter
MD, PhD, Gynecologist, Belgium
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What to expect after GRS - MtF
Mr. Michael Royle
Consultant Surgeon, Urologist, Hove and London
Thomas, Philip, J.,
Nuffield Hospital, Hove UK.
Young, Robert
MRC, Glasgow University, UK Pages 33-39

Sex reassignment surgery has been available to gender dysphoric individuals for several decades now. A wide variety of follow up studies have been conducted and generally the result of these studies have been positive. However, problems in the interpretation of post-operative follow-up studies exist. Several reasons for believing such studies are compromised have been proposed by long standing researchers in the field. 

Transgendering, Migrating and the Role of Autogynephilia
Dr. Richard Ekins
PhD, Sociologist, Transgender Archive, University of Ulster at Coleraine
Dr. Dave King
PhD, Sociologist, University of Liverpool
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Pioneers of Transgendering: The Life and Work of Virginia Prince
Dr. Dave King
PhD, Sociologist, University of Liverpool
Dr. Richard Ekins
PhD, Sociologist, Transgender Archive, University of Ulster at Coleraine
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Born in the Wrong Body - Cartesian Duallist Accounts of Transsexualism and Beyond
Katherine Johnson
BSc Psychol, Middlesex University Pages 55-60

Traditionally transsexualism has been theorised as part of the broader task of formulating notions of sex, gender and sexuality. Within this framework transsexual subjectivity - the accounts of those who actually experience cross-gender identifications - are often overlooked. We are witnessing the beginnings of a new discipline, transgender studies, where theorists have sought to rectify this omission by focusing on the experience of being either transsexual or transgendered.

The Client Leads in Effective Counselling
Alice Purnell
BSC., RGN, PGDC, Gender Counsellor, Nurse, Researcher, Poet, Sussex
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Should Transsexuals be Feminists? A Personal Perspective of Empowerment
Dr. Annie McCloud
MA, MBB Chir (Cantab), MSc, MRCPsych, Psychiatrist Pages 71-74

Dr McCloud, a psychiatrist, talks about the problems of practising in a profession that deeply stigmatises transgender issues, and how she has sought to overcome such stigmatisation. She found historical precedents, in the medical professions' attitudes towards women and ethnic minorities. She discusses whether such ideas are meaningful to the transgender community in pursuit of their rights and empowerment.

Trans Health and Weight,
Dr. Tracie O'Keefe
DCH, MCRAH, N SHAP, BA,Counsellor, Hypnotherapist, Writer, London Pages 75-77

Transbeautiful is something that we are ready for - more than that, it is something we most desperately need. If we refuse to see ourselves as being able to have pride in our own physical selves, how can be expect others to respect us holistically? Transfat, transugly, transdecrepit, trans-selfdefeating are all myths we create for ourselves and are allowing others to foist upon us. Health, wealth and happiness will come much more easily to those transpeople who work on themselves, physically, mentally and spiritually to create and embrace an image of being Trans body fantastic.

The Fallacy of the Myth of Gender
Christie Elan-Cane
USA and London
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The Philosophy of Gender- Ramblings of a Pensioner
MA, MD, FRCP, FRCPsych, Retired Psychiatrist, Yorkshire
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Nature Gave Me a Choice (But not just me)
Sophia Siedlberg
Salmacis Software, Sussex
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Faces in Focus: What Cosmetic Surgery has to offer the M2F transsexual
Dr.Rebecca Hitchcock
Retired Dental Surgeon, London, Pages 96-101

Although we are assured by the ancient Greeks in the third century BC that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder," most of us would agree that some women appear beautiful to most of us. And if we perceive ourselves as more attractive, then we gain in confidence, and then we pass more successfully. I personally believe confidence is a major factor in 'passing'.

Laser Hair Removal
Christine Hart
MSBTh, Cristianos Laser Clinic, Altrincham and London
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The Transsexual as Witness
Revd David Horton
C of E, Chaplain to the Gendys Network,
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Transitioning in a Rural Community
Sue Robb
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Questioning Assumptions
Jed Bland
Writer, Derby
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