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GENDYS Conference 2002

Speakers and their topics

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Jack and Jill Revisited
Diana Aitchison
B.A., WOBS Partners help, Cambridge, England
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Ghosts: A Social Phenomenon
Tara Anderson
Member of Press for Change, Student, Oxford, Pages 12-19

In this paper, which expresses views which are entirely my own, and not those of any organisation, I consider the repressiveness of the NHS and the liberalism of Private Sector intervention, and ask whether the medicalisation of this social phenomenon has created a two tier health care experience - has diversity become hierarchy? I look at the dubious moral role psychiatry plays both historically in the way it has responded to human rights activism, and in our time, new ideas, thinking, on what constitutes appropriate consumer care, and ask the question is it more ethical to tolerate contingencies of psychiatric dictum or is there an absolute demand for fundamental medical reform.

New Ideas on Voice Therapy for Transsexuals
Susan Clark
M.Phil., Head Speech and Language Therapist,
Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle upon Tyne

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The Case of the Girl-a-matic Guides to Sissification
Dr. Richard Ekins
PhD., Reader in Sociology, Transgender Archive, writer, researcher, University of Ulster
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D'Eon de Beaumont: New Facts or Fiction
Peter Farrer
Writer, Karn Publications
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Stories of the Medicine Man
Jo Flannery
BA, MSc, University of Leicester, Research Sociologist Pages 38-43

How have changing medical and legal discourses and practices surrounding transsexualism from the 1950s to the present day affected transgendered experience? This paper outlines methods of investigation and uses the concept of discourse analysis as a pertinent means by which to trace the changing medical and legal discourses on transsexualism, using an analysis of early sexological writings as an example of discourses of transsexualism at work.

  Laser Hair Removal - Four Years on
Chris Hart
M.S.B.T.H., Cristianos Laser Clinic, Altricham and London
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Absent Subjects: Feminist Discourse and Trans Masculinities
Sally Hines
B.A.,M.A., Sociology Research Student, University of Leeds
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Age and Coping
Revd. David Horton
C of E Chaplain to Gendys Network
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Pioneers of Transgendering: John Randell 1918-1982
Dr. Dave King
PhD., Sociologist, University of Liverpool, writer, researcher.
Dr. Richard Ekins
PhD., Reader in Sociology, Transgender Archive, writer, researcher, University of Ulster
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Transsexual Parents and Partners
Mrs. Petra Klene
Social Worker/Sexologist/Gendertherapist, Humanitas, Amsterdam Pages 65-67

When a client turns up for help, it is of paramount importance to involve the family as soon as possible. Ties of loyalty and emotion are strongest when there is a family connection. Nevertheless, it seems that time after time the family is hardly, or just not at all, prepared for the transsexual's gender-dysphoric feelings.

The Woman Within
Gina Large
Solicitor, Writer, LLb, DMA, Wales Pages 68-72

Gina Large, a real life transsexual, outlines the remarkable true story of her traumatic and reluctant transgender journey of self-discovery from May 2001, giving a powerful insight into the suffering that gender dysphoria entails. In her previous life, Gina was outwardly successful, but inwardly a very unhappy soul, existing in a permanent anxiety state. Incredibly, it wasn't until 15th May 2001, shortly after her 54th birthday, that Gina suddenly realised what had been wrong all her life. She describes her message as "a wake-up call to those in educational psychology and in medicine to witness the symptoms of suppressed Gender Dysphoria."

  Gires: Current Work
Emma Martin
Chair, GIRES, Pages 73-74

Gires is the only charity in the UK whose specific aim is the promotion of research and education into Gender Identity issues. Emma Martin, chair of GIRES, presents the current work of the charity.

  Gender Diversity and Gender Politics
Dr. Surya Monro
Research Fellow, Law Department, Keele University,
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Difference and the Existential: a positive view
Alice Purnell
B.Sc., R.G.N., P.G.D.C., Counsellor, nurse, researcher, poet, Administrator, Sussex.
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Mr. David Ralph
B.Sc., M.S., F.R.C.S. (Urol), Institute of Urology & Nephrology, University College, London Pages 99-101

There are a number of surgical procedures available for female to male trans-people. An informed choice is necessary, depending on what is required of the final product. While complications are rare they must also be taken into account.

  Why Measure Outcome in Transsexualism?
Dr. Russell Reid
M.B.Ch.B., F.R.C.Psych., Consultant Psychiatrist, London.
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Living as a Transgenderist
Janett Scott
President, Beaumont Society
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Ethics? Research? Communication?
Sophia Siedlberg
Salmacis Advocacy, Orlania Biosystems, Sussex
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Is there a Role for Bilateral Orchidectomy as a Preliminary Procedure Prior to full Genitoplasty in MtF TS Patients?
Mr. Tim Terry
Consultant surgeon, University Hospital, Leicester (Summary by Alice Purnell) Pages 117-118
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Surgical Problems following MtF Gender Reasignment Surgery
Mr. Philip Thomas
Consultant surgeon, Nuffield Hospital, Hove (Summary by Alice Purnell) Pages 119-120
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Supplementary Papers

Unconscious Conflicts Between Professionals Within a GIC
Rosemary Grimshaw
Senior Nurse Therapist, Leeds Gender Identity Service, Roundhay Wing, St James Hospital, Leeds, LS9 7TF
Presented At Transgender Conference 2001, University of Norwich

Full Text
Transsexuality and Dutch Law
Mrs. Petra Klene
Social Worker/Sexologist/Gendertherapist, Humanitas, Amsterdam Pages 125-126

Until about 1980 all municipal laws in Holland contained a section that forbad people to dress openly in the clothes of the opposite sex. The first operation on a TS-person took place in 1960.In time the law caught up with these changes but not without difficulty.


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