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GENDYS Conference 2004

Speakers and their topics

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Janett Scott with Tamara Wilding
President and Vice President: Beaumont Society
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The path to Gender Reassignment - have we got it right yet?
Jean Pepper
Beaumont Trust, GENDYS.
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Update on Voice Therapy for Transmen and Transwomen
Susan Clark
MPhil Speech Therapist. Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle
Full Text
Hair Removal: Technology or Tradition
Chris Hart
MSBTh. Cristianos Laser Clinic Cheshire & London, GENDYS.
Sharon Fillingham
RGN, Laser Clinician
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Formation of a Clitoris in MtF Gender Reassignment - what to Expect
Mr. Philip Thomas
Consultant Surgeon Hove Nuffield Hospital Pages 23-24
Theorising Trans/Gender Politics
Dr. Surya Monro
PhD Leeds Metropolitan University, Policy Research
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Non-stereotypical Adjustment is Important for a Complete Personality - Be Yourself
Alice Purnell
BSC, RGN, PGDC, Counsellor, Researcher, Poet. Administrator, Sussex,GENDYS. Beaumont Trust
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Who Put the 'Trans' in Transgender?
Dr. Richard Ekins
PhD, Reader in Cultural and Media Studies, Transgender Archive, University of Ulster at Coleraine
Dr Dave King
PhD, Senior Lecturer in Sociology, University of Liverpool
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Transgendered People with Autistic Spectrum Conditions
Susan Cresswell
Researcher Pages 48-53
The Louise Lawrence Collection
Peter Farrer
Writer, Karn Publications, Liverpool
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Supporting The Families of Adults Experiencing Gender Discomfort And Transsexualism
Bernard and Terry Reed
Trustees of Gender Identity Research and Education Society (GIRES)
Full Text
Contemporary Human Rights Issues for People with Transsexualism
Rachael Wallbank
BA LLB, Specialist Family Lawyer, NSW Australia
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The Process and Reality of Transition
Susan F224
Gendys Member
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Becoming Caroline: A Personal Story
Caroline Powell
GENDYS Pages 102-106
Minefields and Pitfalls in Gender Identity Disorder, for both Patient and Doctor
Dr. Russell Reid
M.BChB, FRC Psych. Consultant Psychiatrist, London.
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Researching intersex & trans people's medical experiences
Dr. Michelle O'Brien
BA, DMA, MSc, HTCPD, PhD Candidate, Roehampton University, School of Business, Computing & Social Science
Full Text
Gender Migration and Citizenship
Dr Dave King
Senior Lecturer in Sociology, University of Liverpool
Dr. Richard Ekins
Reader in Cultural and Media Studies, Transgender Archive, University of Ulster at Coleraine
Full Text
Telephone Helplines in the Internet Age
Penny Ellis
Beaumont Trust Helpliner Pages 132-134
Your Day - But what about us?
Di Aitchison
BA., Beaumont Trust, WOBS Partners help, GENDYS, Cambridge
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Equality for Normal, Heterosexual Transsexuals Only
Dr Tracie O'Keefe
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