Gendys Journal

Index 1998

One: February 1998
Two: May 1998
Three: August 1998
Four: November 1998


Issue 1: February 1998:

To Label Or Not to Label by Andrea Text
Exceptional People: Whose greatest aspiration is to be seen as ordinary.
by Alice Purnell. Text
Transsexualism: Processes of referral and their vicissitudes.
by Dr. Ronald St.Blaize-Molony Text.
In search of Twin Peaks. by Stevie
Prostheses: Some Points of Interest.
A survey of breast augmention devices, by Diane.
The Growing Rend in the Fabric of Western Society,
by Marjorie Anne Napewastewiñ Schützer Text
Someone to Talk to, Part One by Diana Aitchison (WOBS) Text
A Film Review by Andrea.
It's never too late to keep a diary. by Angie
My Dilemma by Ann
We Have All Been There But Do We Remember by Judy
The Dangers of 'Normalcy' by Dr. David Holson.

Issue 2: May 1998:

Woman Plus...Or how to forget the label and concentrate on the quality of the cloth. by Christine Burns
Book Reviews:
Female to Male Transsexuals in Society, by Holly Devor
Review by Tracie O'Keefe
Medical Legal & Workplace Issues for the Transsexual, by Shiela Kirk and Martine Rothblatt
Review by Alice Purnell.
The First International Transgender Film Festival
29th October to 2nd November 1997, by Tracie O'Keefe
Under The Sun: Shinjuku Boys by Dorothy Jerrome
Transgender and the Media - Spring '98 by Alice Purnell. Text
GENDERNESIS. Taken from The Book of Salmacis
by Sophia Siedlberg Text
The deepest wish fulfilled: Sex reassignment after age 65
by Petra Klene
Bits and Boobs. by Denise née Stevie.
Great (and Lesser)Expectations. by Frank M.Hannah Text
Experiences of a Working Girl (of the very best type) by Selina Text
General Practitioners Who Exhibit Resistance to Sex Gender and Sexuality Variance. by Tracie O' Keefe, BA Text
The Long and Winding Road. by Denise Ingram.
Keeping Both Feet Firmly on the Ground by Ann
An Interesting Website: International Journal of Transgenderism.

Issue 3: August 1998:

BOOK REVIEW by Jed Bland:
Hermaphrodites and the Medical Invention of Sex

by Alice Dreger. Book Review
BOOK REVIEW by Tracie O'Keefe:
Sexual Subversion,
by Riki Ann Wilchins Book Review
Body Fascism. by Tracie O'Keefe Text
Sexual Histories of Post-op Mtf TS's by Dr. Sheila Kirk
The Harry Benjamin Minimum Standards of Care. A Brief Account of Their Clinical Use and Misuse. by Sophia Text
Someone To Talk To, Part Two by Diana Aitchison Text
Transbackground? by Anne Text
Removal of Unwanted Hair by Laser Treatment by Chris Hart Text
Natural Rubber Latex Allergy: An Ongoing Threat To The Transgendered Population by Rochelle Spiker.
The Minefield of Relationships. by Susan 108
TheBeat Goes On: There is life after the prelims.
by Rosemary Grimshaw Text
In Ancient Greece, She'd Have Been A God The Observer, 24, May, 1998

Issue 4: November 1998:

Fourth Column Revolutionaryby Christine Burns Text
A Taster by Surya Monro Text
Becoming conscious. A transsexual awakening. by Sarah Text
Cut it Out Now! Transsexual Leaders Condemn Human Rights Decision by Georgette Collier
Change can lead to Challenge. Mary Hunter, WOBS Scotland Text
The Danger of Disintegration in Transglobal Political Movements for Sex, Gender and Sexuality Freedom by Dr Tracie O'Keefe Text
Moratorium on Intersex Genital Surgeries ISNA News
The White Book, Edited by Steven Whittle Ph.D,
Review by Tracie O'Keefe Text
Never Say Never by Robert Allfree. Text
The Thoughts of Judy,by Judy of Canterbury
Jung - The Golden Jed Bland Text
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