Gendys Journal

Index 2001

Thirteen: February 2001
Fourteen: May 2001
Fifteen: Autumn 2001
Sixteen: Winter 2001

Issue 13: February2001

A Code of Ethics arrives for the Harry Benjamin Practitioners
by Dr. Tracie O'Keefe Text
Stigma and the Medical Model by Dr. Michael Haslam Text
The Adventures of Tigger in Thailand by Ginny
Transgender People, Social Exclusion and Transphobia by Surya Monro Text
Yawn by Sophia Sieidlberg
Response to the Evangelical Alliance by Christine Burns
Book Review: Transsexuality: a report by the Evangelical Alliance Policy Commission
by Revd. David Horton Text
What's the Alternative? Caroline Pond 159

Issue 14: May2001

Report of the Forum on Transgender Issues,
Edinburgh, 9 December 2000, Equality Network
Potential Issues around legislation for Trans equality
An Interview with John-Paul Sartre by Rebecca 072
Alice's March Bash by Ginny Bourne 180
Book Review by Dr Tracie O'Keefe DCH
by Diana Souhami
Victoria: A Transsexual Memoir by Babette Adams
WNT-4 by Sophia Siedlberg Text
Fgf9 and "Sex Reversal" by Jed Bland Text

Issue 15: Autumn 2001

What's in a word? by Christie Elan-Cane Text
Dear Gendys by Miss Moo Julep (mix) (203)
The Gender Genital Gene Genie by Sophia Siedlberg Text
Transphobia by Dr Surya Monro Text
Can't let go - won't let go:
The anguish of the dilemma when GD strikes
by Diana Aitchison Text

Issue 16: Winter 2001

The Sharp Edge of the Fence by Alice Purnell Text
The Body by Victoria Queen
Testimony by Caroline Powell
Please Take Precautions When Travelling by Dallas Denny
Time to CELEBRATE!!!! by Ginny Bourne
Not for nothing by Jay (212) Text
Book Review by Jed Bland
The Prehistory of Sex by Timothy Taylor Book Review
Remember XYY by Sophia Siedlberg Text
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