Updates on Eric Vilain



Issue 14
May 2001

After recent discussions between Intersex support groups (Bodies Like Ours, and Intersex Initiative) and Professor Eric Vilain, It has become clear that he does not at this time hold to some of the controversial views that were attributed to him. Which is a good thing because his research is very interesting and many useful areas of research could have been jaded by the controversy that surrounded him. Now thankfully the more helpful aspects of his work can be looked at in a more positive light.

To clarify Eric Vilain's current position. He is opposed to surgery on the genitalia of infants with a given intersex condition and does not propose that a genetic test be formulated to be used specifically as the basis for assigning sex by surgical means. He has also stated that he does not propose using somatic gene therapy to "correct" people affected by the WNT-4 gene.

In the light of this I look foreword to reviewing his future research and thank Eric Vilain for clarifying his position and for working so hard for the benefit of intersex people.

Sophia Siedlberg

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