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Seventeen: Spring 2002
Eighteen: Summer 2002
Nineteen: Autumn 2002
Twenty: Winter 2002

Issue 17: Spring 2002

What is the nature of the relationship between
radical surgery and personal identity?
by Georgiana St. Blaize Molony
Try by Victoria Queen
Estrogen Cigarettes by Caroline Powell
The Royal School of Medicine:
A Threat to our well-being?
by Jed Bland
The RSM Meeting on Trans Treatment by Claire McNab
The Peer review that wasn't: A brief overview by Sophia Siedlberg Text
Imperato-McGinley. by Jed Bland Text
The Pink and Blue by Anne Sullivan 226

Issue 18: Summer 2002

Trans People in the New NHS, by Dr Zoe-Jane Playdon
GIRES: A Reasoned Critique of the Proposals Issued for National Consultation
Regarding "Gender Identity Disorder in Adults - Guidance for the Management
of Transsexualism"
Towards a Greater Choice of Personal Title, by Susan (F224) Text
Escape from the Maze, by Caroline Powell
Milk, Cheese Or Ice Cream & Existential Freedom, by Alice Purnell Text
The Ramblings of Selina from Switzerland, by Selina (102) Text
Poem, by Keira
James and Amanda, Part One, by Victoria Queen

Issue 19: Autumn 2002

Government announces more work on transsexual people's issues.
by Stephen Whittle
Courtesy of UKPfC News
Response to Zoe Jane Playdon by Dr M.T. Haslam Text
Employment Discrimination and Transsexual People
by Dr. Stephen Whittle Ph.D,
Question by Caroline Powell
Funding for Local Family Support Groups
Research on the Net, by Jed Bland
Myths by Liby S. Pease
This link seems to have disappeared
James and Amanda (Part Two) by Victoria Queen

Issue 20: Winter 2002

Difference & the Existential: a Positive View by Alice Purnell Text
EMERGENCY - Sept 2002 £6,000 needed by January 31st 2003
Press for Change
Unconscious Conflicts Between Professionals Within a GIC by Rosemary Grimshaw Text
Patient support at the Sandyford Initiative.
Home truths. by Caroline Powell
Transsexuality and Dutch Petra Klene (Humanitas)
Criminal Records Bureau by Stephen Whittle (Press for Change)
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