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Twentyfive: Spring 2004
Twentysix: Summer 2004
Twentyseven: Autumn 2004
Twentyeight: Winter 2004


Issue 25: Spring 2004

That sound you hear is the sound of some of us breathing out again
Christine Burns Text
Lord Winston in the Lords [from Hansard] Text
Transsexuality and Christian Ethics - some working notes by (Revd.) Helen Savage Text
Laser Hair Removal - A Very Personal Experience Author Unknown Text
Unequal Exposure? Media representations of transpeople's intimate relationships by Tam Sanger Text
This Morning Trans people wanted for Granada Flagship programme new series
Another documentary - this time families wanted
Finding Peace by Jay (212) Text
The Problem With Swaab by Sophia Siedlberg Text

Issue 26: Summer 2004

Obituary: David Reimer
Call for Research Participants Michelle O'Brien
Preparations for Gender Recognition Press for Change
ID Problem Threatens Job Prospects Christine Burns Press for Change
Gendys 2004
LGBT Youth Work Forum
Book Review by Alice Purnell:
"Change of Love" by Valeric France Book Review
Adults: Safer from Sexual Crime: The Sexual Offences Act 2003
Available from the Home Office
Television Documentary
Metropolitan Police: Working for a safer London
Transsexualism and Osteoporosis
The National Osteoporosis Society

Issue 27: Autumn 2004

A Message From Mark Rees
Are cosmetics safe?
The Mirror in the Hall by Caroline Powell
Changes in Regulations for Care Providers
by Christine Burns, Press for Change
A letter of advice for transsexual people from the Credit Reference Agencies
by Mrs Gillian Key-Vice
Nadia - the Bookies' Favourite
by Christine Burns
Commons committee backs PFC on ID cards
by Claire McNab & Tracy Dean, Press for Change
Book Reviews by Jed Bland
Evolution's Rainbow
by Joan Roughgarden Book Review
Man into Woman, The First Sex Change
translated by Niels Hoyer Book Review

Issue 28: Winter 2004

A Change in the Media, by Alice Purnell Text
Hair Removal Prior to Gender Reassignment
by Christine Hart Text
New breast implant set for trials
and Notice of clarification from AorTech Chief Executive Frank Maguire
Boobs by Caroline Powell
Book Announcement.
Gender Politics: Citizenship, Activism, and Diversity

by Surya Monro, Book Review
Thoughts about hormones for transwomen by Jed Bland Text
Book Review by Jed Bland
'O Au No Keia:
Voices from Hawaii's Mahu and Transgender Communities.
by Andrew Matzner Book Review
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