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Twenty Nine:: Spring 2005
Thirty: Summer 2005
Thirty One: Autumn 2005
Thirty Two: Winter 2005


Issue 29: Spring 2005:

Service 21st May Mark Rees Appeal for Support
Medical Evidence Required by the Gender Recognition Panel by Christine Burns and Stephen Whittle, Press for Change
Age Concern: Planning for later life as a LGBT person
Breast implant Website launched by leading plastic surgery societies
The Ring by Caroline Powell
Enquiry for documentary series
Insurance Questions Remain Christine Burns, Press for Change
The Making of 'The Change' Part One by Di Aitchison WOBS Text
Television Review: Why Men Wear Frocks by Diana Aitchison (WOBS) Text
The Numbers Game by Revd. David Horton Text
Hormones and Bones

Issue 30: Summer 2005:

Medical evidence required by The Gender Recognition Panel by Georgette 117
Picnic for Change 3rd., September, 2005
New Project: The United Kingdom Trans Alliance
Remembering Mike by Caroline Powell
Parenthood and gender diversity - some reflections by Surya Monro
The Journey of an American Gender Specialist by Kenneth Demsky, Ph.D Text
The Making of The Change: Part Two by Di Aitchison WOBS Text

Issue 31: Autumn 2005:

The Parliamentary Forum Commissioning Guidelines - some highlights by Terry Reed (GIRES)
Moving on to the i-Gender by Christine Burns (Press for Change)
Hair Removal Prior to SRS Cristianos Laser Clinic Text
Odyssey by Caroline Powell
On growing old by Georgette 117
A Sporting Chance: The race to include? by Christine Burns (Press for Change)

Issue 32: Winter 2005:

Press release From Dr. Richard Curtis, 18th November 2005
One Step Ahead Of The Press: New Gender Clinics.
Book review by Dr Tracie O'Keefe DCH
He's My Daughter: A Mothers Journey to Acceptance, by Lynda Langley
Combatting Isolation by Diana Aitchison WOBS Text
Ice Maidens and Iron Age Warrior Princesses by Jed Bland Text
Julie Johnson by Christine Armitage
Colour Slides by Caroline Powell
Managing One's Inner Scrooge by Kenneth Demsky, PhD Text
Poem by Keira

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