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Issue 33: Spring 2006

Early Medical Treatment for Transsexual People

How to Complain About Healthcare by Christine Burns, Press for Change

Combatting Isolation - The Cambridge Girls by Di Aitchison Text

A Tribute to Dr Russell Reid MBChB., FRCPsych by Nikki May Reid

Why Brighton? by Caroline Powell

Issue 34: Summer 2006

Historic event at an historic venue? by Jed Bland Text

Gender Recognition Panel Clarifies Guidance For Applicants While Applications Continue to Climb by Christine Burns, Press for Change

Press Release: Unannounced Inspection Praises Laser Clinic Standards

Denial by Caroline Powell

ECJ Watts case - legal comment by Stephen Whittle, Press for Change

Issue 35: Autumn 2006

The Case for Counselling Now by Kenneth Demsky Text

Government (or lack of it) by Susie F224

Sex Hormone Licensed for Treatment Of Trans Men by Christine Burns, Press for Change

My True Self by Tina Buckley

Not So Much a Care Path by Christine Burns MBEPress for Change

ILGA Calls for Justice for Gisberta ILGA News

Chest Hair by Caroline Powell

Transgendered Or Not Transgendered? by Susie F224

Issue 36: Winter 2006

Good Practice Guidelines for the Assessment & Treatment of Gender Dysphoria

Congratulation Card by Caroline Powell

Gender Identity Research and Education Society Progress Review, November 2006

Book review by Alice Purnell
"Close to the Wind" an autobiography of Dr. Mike Haslam

Perceptions of A Woman by Barbara Ross Gendys Conference 1996

Report on 'Sexualities, Genders and Rights in Asia - the 1st International Conference of Asian Queer Studies' Bangkok, Thailand, 7th-9th July 2005 by James Caspian Text

A dedicated follower of fashion!! by Yvonne

In Support of Dr. Russell Reid

Another Way to Record Opinions About Health Services by Christine Burns,

Emergence by Yvonne

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