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Thiry Seven:: Spring 2007
Thirty Eight: Summer 2007
Thirty Nine: Autumn 2007
Forty: Winter 2007


Issue 37: Spring 2007

PFC needs your financial support by Stephen Whittle

How to Complain About a Doctor by Christine Burns, Press for Change

Standing Up to the West Yorkshire PCT'S by Claire Eastwood

Different by Caroline Powell

Transhealth Update by Dr. Richard Curtis Text

Minefields and Pitfalls in Gender Identity Disorder, for both Patient and Doctor
by Dr. Russell Reid Text

Issue 38: Summer 2007

Response to David Batty by Christine Burns Press for Change

Why do we need a psychiatrist's referral for gender treatment?
by Alice Purnell (Counselling Psychologist) Text

Legal Recognition of Non-Gendered Identity in the United Kingdom
by Christie Elan-Cane Text

Breezers by Caroline Powell

BBC Radio 4 Hecklers Debate

Jenny's parlour 2007/8: Forthcoming events

TRANS WITH PRIDE 2007 London Pride, Saturday 30 June, 2007

Issue 39: Autumn 2007

The First UK Transgender Conferences, 1974 and 1975
by Dr. Dave King and Prof. Richard Ekins Text

The dangers of the internet and unsupervised prescribing
by Dr. Richard Curtis Text

The Love of Social Workers anon Text

Not One of Those by Caroline Powell

Issue 40: Winter 2007

Transgender Landscape by Olivia Johns

Channel 5: The Olympic Drug Scandal by Alice Purnell Text

Skin Reaction to Laser Hair Treatments by Chris Hart Text

How do Americans approach Gender Transition? by Kenneth Demsky, Ph.D Text

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