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Forty One: Spring 2008
Forty Two: Summer 2008
Forty Three: Autumn 2008
Forty Four: Winter 2008


Issue 41: Spring 2008

Inquiry into human rights in Britain


UK Doctors 'failing' children trapped in gender limbo

2nd Transgender Council: Make human rights work,
May 2nd - 4th in Berlin

Different by Caroline

Why? by Brian 317

Role Reversal, Sex Change and Intersexuality in Animals by David Lyon Text

Issue 42: Summer 2008

Laser Hair Removal 10 Years On by Chris Hart (Cristianos) Text

Congratulation Card by Caroline Powell

"Out" on A Limb: A Transbalkan Transgender Experience by Margaret McPherson (318)

Issue 43: Autumn 2008

Campaign Appeal: UK Resident - Neither M or F - Your Urgent Assistance is Needed Now Christie Elan-Cane See front page link

Obituary: Too soon gone: Lynne Janine Braithwaite: 1934 - 2008 Courtesy Press for Change

Marlin: Trans Swimming Group

Issue 44: Winter 2008

Trans-identified and Trans-historied Clients' Experience of Appropriate and Inappropriate Therapists' Practices Toward Them in Counselling and Psychotherapy by Tina Livingstone

Report on HACP Day Training: Working with Gender Variant Clients led by Tina Livingstone - 8th November 2008 by Annie Thompson MBACP

Triumph for gender transgender city by Rachel Extance

Deregulation of Laser/IPL Services by Chris Hart (Cristianosis Laser Clinic) Text

Primary Care Trust (PCT) Funding - Help with Treatment Costs For Hair Removal by Chris Hart Text

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