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Forty Five: Spring 2009
Forty Six: Summer 2009
Forty Seven: Autumn 2009
Forty Eight: Winter 2009

Issue 45: Spring 2009

Is the Equality and Human Rights Commission trying to "forget" trans people? by Christine Burns
Christine Burns'Blogspot

New Regulator for Laser/IPL Clinics by Chris Hart (Cristianosis) Text

Issue 46: Summer 2009

TransLondon announces boycott of Pride London, 2009

Non-gendered by Christie Elan-cane Text

TG09 Transgender Conference

Assessing Laser and IPL Providers by Chris Hart, Cristianosis Text

Hormones and Hair Removal by Chris Hart, Cristianosis Text

The More Things Change . . . ? by Lance Hayman Text

Issue 47: Autmn 2009

Virginia Prince (1912-2009) by Dave King and Richard Ekins Text

The Low Down on Progesterone by Dr. Richard Curtis Text

Issue 48: Winter 2009

TG09 Report of the Barbara Ross Association Conference by Olivia Johns Text

Hospital accommodation for trans people and gender variant children

The Klein-Demsky Matrix of Sex and Gender by Kenneth Demsky, PhD Text

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