British Association for
Counselling and

Directory of Chartered Psychologists

Muslim Youth Helpline

The Gender Trust:

The Beaumont Society:

Support group for children and teenagers
with gender identity issues, also
their families, etc.

Press For Change:

Gender Identity Research
and Education Society (GIRES)

Northern Concord


Gender Matters
Was Trans-Shropshire

Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association
Now The World Professional Association for Transgender Health

European TransGender Network

International Foundation for Gender Education

Androgen Insensitivity
Syndrome Support Group

for adults and families, particularly those
affected by XY intersex conditions such
as AIS, XY gonadal dysgenesis, and
5 alpha reductase deficiency, providing
either support for other variations, or
information about relevant groups.

British Library Public Catalogue
Also provides access to "Articles Direct" which will provide photocopies of articles for an administration fee plus the publishers copyright fee.

University of Victoria Transgender Archives

Katherine's Page
Psychology of Gender Identity & Transgenderism

The Tranny Guide
Originally a guidebook to what's on and what's happening, it has grown to over 300 pages as the "Bible" of the transgendered world - and we mean the world.

ts roadmap
A guide to set priorities, choosing your route,
making informed purchasing decisions and
setting realistic, achievable transition goals.

Trans Unite
Allows members of the transgender & non-binary communities to find a support group local to them (or even an online-only group